Looking back at 2021 on Remind Tutoring


In 2020, we launched Remind Tutoring, a brand-new online tutoring service that matches students with certified teachers to provide personalized learning support based on their specific needs and goals. Our goal was to make online math help available for any student who needed support outside the classroom.

Now, in 2021, over 20,000 tutoring sessions have already been completed. We’ve also tripled the number of certified teachers in our program to support even more students during the transition back into the classroom

Finally—and maybe most importantly—9 out of 10 Remind Tutoring students say that they’d recommend their tutor to their friend or a family member. Some of our favorite snippets from our students (and their parents!):

  • “​​My tutor is good at explaining things and is very funny and positive.” - Olivia
  • “Thank you for always providing us details and a thoughtful summary of their progress and growth areas. They never complain about their coaching time. They actually look forward to it!” - Tina (Olivia’s Mom)
  • “Edgar, my tutor, absolutely helped me with math and made it really simple. Before, I had no idea what factoring was, and now I can successfully factor problems. I liked that he alternated between doing a problem and then passing it to me because it helped to see how he did it first.” - Theo
  • “I didn't know online tutoring could be that individualized. Our tutor encouraged Theo, broke concepts down, and checked in with him as he went. I never considered online tutoring before, but one session changed my mind.” - Laura W (Theo’s mom)

9 out of 10 Remind Tutoring students say that they’d recommend their tutor to their friend or a family member.

Our community is the reason why Remind Tutoring keeps evolving, too—to make sure we can continue to provide personalized academic support and enrichment based on every student’s individual needs and goals. 

Here are some of the biggest improvements we introduced in 2021.

Remind Tutoring Dashboard

We upgraded our Tutoring Dashboard to give both students and tutors more control over their schedules, including the ability to make updates as needed. Students and parents can now schedule, reschedule, and cancel tutoring sessions, while tutors can  see their full session schedules and update their availability—including adding pauses for vacations and other breaks. 

Remind Tutoring Summer Program

We launched our first summer program this year to help students catch up or get ahead prior to the new school year. During the summer, students had the flexibility to schedule multiple sessions per week at different times of the day. 

Virtual Whiteboard

We upgraded our virtual whiteboard with a whole host of new features—while reducing load times for a better experience. Now, you can  add different shapes, upload documents in different formats, clear large spaces, and choose from more virtual markers and pens. 

Remind Tutoring on Social – New Blog, Webinar and Social Media

This year, we launched the Remind Tutoring blog, with articles about education, tutoring, and parenting. We also hosted our first event, "How Teachers Are Navigating The Transition Back into the Classroom, to better support teachers as they navigate the school year transition. And if you’re on social media, we also launched our Facebook and Instagram—follow us on both platforms to get the latest updates and connect with other teachers and parents!

We’re grateful that you’ve made Remind part of what you do, and we promise to keep building to meet you where you are. Take care of yourselves and your communities—we’ll see you next year with some exciting new updates!

Parents: If you’re a parent or student interested in online math tutoring, you can sign up here to be matched with one of our amazing tutors. 

Administrators: If you’re an administrator interested in bringing Remind Tutoring to your organization, join our waitlist to learn more.

Teachers: If you are a certified teacher and interested in tutoring students, get more info here.