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Whether your child needs to catch up, get ahead, or master concepts, get a personalized plan designed specifically for their needs.

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Your child’s own classroom

Get one-on-one sessions with an experienced, passionate, highly interactive tutor.

Personalized tutoring for your child

Our tutors will build a personalized plan based on your child’s goals and schedule this summer.

Summer is a unique opportunity for Remind Tutors to personalize their teaching plans based on the student’s pace and experiment with different learning methods to find what is most helpful and effective for each student.

  • Relationship: Your tutor starts by getting to know your child, their learning preferences, and their academic needs.
  • Personalized: They may review or provide a baseline assessment and focus on areas of need to strengthen your child’s knowledge where they need it.
  • Summary: After every session, you'll get a summary with a recap, progress update, and tips for review.

Remind summer program

Our goal is to help your child build confidence and master their math subject.

  • Ahead of your first session, parents are encouraged to engage the tutors via our online chat system about their child’s needs.
  • In week 1, your tutor will get also get to know you and your child and help assess their strengths and areas of needs.
  • They will provide expert recommendations on what topics to focus on to help build confidence in areas of need across the next few weeks.
  • Common Core-aligned math curriculum specifically developed by subject matter experts for online learning.
  • Hands-on problem solving during sessions to build understanding and confidence.
  • Optional extra practice / worksheets between sessions to strengthen mathematical reasoning skills and truly master the concepts.
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What to expect

Comprehensive, but personalized

Remind tutors have access to comprehensive curriculum for each subject, but are encouraged to personalize and focus on specific math topics as needed by each child. Our tutors are highly experienced and will draw on many tried and true methods to give your child the best learning experience.

Structured, but flexible

We will schedule your child weekly with the same tutor to help foster a deeper relationship and allow the tutor to teach to your child’s learning needs. However, you may reschedule or cancel any sessions, for any reason.

Spontaneous vacation anyone?

Progress with confidence

Keep up learning rhythms throughout the summer. Work on trouble areas and go into next year with confidence. Our tutors are highly experienced at finding out what learning approaches are most helpful and effective for your student.

Our tutors are rated 4.8 out of 5!

Examples of subject topics by grade

Have your cake and eat it too. Sign up your child for summer sessions now, but keep max flexibility. Start any date. Cancel or reschedule any session, for any reason. Your first session with Remind is on us.

We cover all math subjects from 2nd to 12th grade.
Below is an example of topics covered in a given subject.

4th grade math

  1. Baseline assessment
  2. Factors and multiples
  3. Fraction equivalence and comparison
  4. Extending operations to fraction
  5. From hundredths to hundred-thousands
  6. Multiplicative comparison and measurement
  7. Multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers
  8. Angles and Angle measurement
  9. Properties of two-dimensional shapes
  10. Summary assessment & reviews


  1. Baseline assessment
  2. Coefficients, Inequalities & Equations
  3. Functions Relations & Factoring
  4. Systems of Equations, Equality & Inequalities
  5. Radicals & Equation solving methods
  6. Quadratics & transformations
  7. Exponential functions, equations & models
  8. Other algebraic functions & Range
  9. Summary assessment & review


  1. Baseline assessment
  2. Properties of various shapes
  3. Triangle inequalities, Theorems, Proportionality
  4. Mid-segments & Congruence
  5. Trigonometric Ratios & Cofunctions
  6. Solving for missing sides & angles
  7. Arcs, Angles, Arenas
  8. Chort length tangents & volume
  9. Equation of lines & cicles
  10. Summary assessment & review

Remind Tutoring summer sessions

Each session is $40 for 40 minutes.
Satisfaction guaranteed.* Cancel any time.

Sign up your child today. You can cancel or reschedule sessions easily.

*If you are not satisfied after your initial session, let us know what happened and your session will be fully refunded.

“Remind has been exceptional”

Remind Tutors have a 4.8 avg. rating


Our tutor made it really simple. I liked that it alternated between him doing a problem and then passing it to me.

8th grade


[.c-testimonial-highlighted]I didn’t know online tutoring could be that individualized.[.c-testimonial-highlighted] Our tutor encouraged Theo, broke concepts down. I never considered tutoring before, but one session changed my mind.

Theo's Parent


Our tutor is good at explaining things and very funny and positive!

Olivia and Grant
3rd and 5th grade


They never complain about tutoring. [.c-testimonial-highlighted]They actually look forward to it![.c-testimonial-highlighted]

Olivia and Grant's Parent


The tutor talked me through the problem, let me do it myself, and corrected where I needed. I felt confident going into the exam.

12th grade


Our tutor really zeroed in on my daughter’s needs. She felt at ease rather than being stressed about her exam.

Maliyah's Parent


My tutor was great and helped me understand everything.

9th grade


Remind has been exceptional. [.c-testimonial-highlighted]Fidel’s loved his experience so much.[.c-testimonial-highlighted] He has ADHD. Out of all the tutoring he’s had, Remind is the best.

Fidel's Parent


My tutor was easy to understand and made me feel smarter about math.

7th grade


Our tutor was a good listener and delved in on exactly what Emma was needing.

Emma's Parent


I loved my tutor’s method. She felt relatable and made me feel comfortable. I never felt like I was bad at math.

8th grade


Ariella said that the sessions with the tutor have really helped her in understanding the homework lessons.

Ariella's Parent
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