The smallest things you do
aren’t small at all.

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Researchers find that small forms of communication, beyond the classroom, make a big difference in the lives of students and their families.

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He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.

Ben | Student

He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.

Ben | Student
“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.” – Ben, Student

Small things add up.

  • 7th Period English III
    Ms. Kannengieszer

    Don't forget to eat a healthy breakfast and show up on time for the SAT! Be confident and you'll do awesome!

  • 2nd Period 8th Grade Math
    Mrs. Deon

    Practiced our mean, median, mode, and range skills today with the Cookie Challenge! Congrats to our champion: Dalton!

  • Class of 2018 Advisory
    Ms. Main

    How's everyone's summer vacation going so far? Respond with the stamp that best describes it. I'm on a plane!

  • SMS Tigers 6
    Mr. Stapleton

    Give your kid a high five! The kids did amazing these past two days in the ELA portion of the ACT Aspire!

  • Physical Science 8
    Miss Prince

    We are using the Versoapp & Chalkup apps for class work tomorrow. Download ahead of time in preparation for class.

  • 4th Grade Orlando STEM Adventure
    Miss Li

    Good morning! Bring pep shirt, bus bag with money, book/non-electronic entertainment, sweatshirt. Car Line 7:00–7:30!

  • 5th Grade Seacamp
    Coach Sam

    Sun-kissed and salty, the kids soaked up all that camp has to offer. Free time now! Unstructured playtime is the best!

  • AP Calculus
    Mr. Patel

    WAKE UP! Come do calculus! Room 153. Be there or be square! What did Al Gore play on his guitar? An Algorithm.

  • Math 5
    Mrs. Hahn

    Can you believe the kids are TOTALLY EXCITED for tonight’s homework? It’s because tonight’s homework is FOR THE PARENTS. :)

  • 7th Grade Science
    Mr. Nakagawa

    Please remember to finish your bubble gum lab if you didn’t finish it in class today.

  • KGA Team 5th Grade
    Miss Ortega

    Just checking to see if Roman made it home safely. We don’t have too many bike riders, so we just wanted to check in with you. Hope he had a great day.

  • Mrs. McCoy Public Speaking
    Mrs. McCoy

    Smile, and let everyone know that today you are stronger than yesterday.

  • Shortino/Miraglia
    Ms. Miraglia

    If possible, wear Carolina blue tomorrow for Bulldog Day. Bring water and a snack and remember to wear sunblock and sneakers.

    Mr. Whitlock

    Sending all of our incoming freshmen some reminders & information about August. Please mark your calendars.

  • Chemistry 2nd Session
    Dr. Posey

    Chemistry class will be in the back room of the library tomorrow and Friday. Please bring your complete review folder with you to class.

  • AP Spanish Period 2
    Mr. Lisanti

    añana a las 6 de la tarde estaran abiertas las puertas de la escuela para los padres "open house". Los esperamos!

  • Marching Band
    Mr. Arthur

    We will be using the old practice field for the Night Rehearsals (no instruments) until our field is ready.

  • PE Hour 4
    Coach Burner

    PE is also collecting box tops for education this year! Please save these at home and send them in! It’s a class competition.

  • English 9
    Mr. Teal

    Be sure to complete your biographies of John Steinbeck and read chapter 5 of the Pearl. See you guys tomorrow!

  • RDG News
    Ms. Bradley

    We have started on Chapter 1 of Neil Armstrong. New vocabulary: determined - making a firm decision and not changing your mind.

  • Warriors Key Club
    Mr. Camey

    Volleyball needs help selling T-shirts at CURE game on Thurs. See me to sign up. Great way to start getting hours!

  • Vikings Basketball
    Coach Chan

    Lifting this week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:45, pickup games Tuesday and Thursday at 6 on fields. We start Friday.

  • ASB
    Mrs. Geist

    Hi seniors! Just a reminder…Senior Sunrise tomorrow morning! Stadium Gate opens at 6:15. Hope to see you there!

  • Mrs. Austin Grade 6
    Mrs. Austin

    Don’t forget that Tuesday is picture day! Get those haircuts this weekend! ;-)

  • Grade 2: Mr. Alvarez
    Mr. Alvarez

    Homework starts today. There are notes in your child’s folder explaining our homework and snack system for our class. Thank you!

  • Arovista Grade 3 Patterson
    Mr. Patterson

    Please have your child read their fluency passages every night. Record how many words they read in one minute. Due tomorrow.

  • Geometry Period 4
    Ms. Ngo

    Just a remember to send back all paperwork on Monday! We had a great first 2 days and are ready for a great year!

  • Woodbridge Staff
    Dr. Bhat

    Teachers went back to work today. As of now, we will have a pep rally the first week of school. It’s imperative you are stretching...

    Mrs. Calhoun

    Thank you Kristen for supplying the rulers & clothespins! Anyone want to help assemble? :) #teamwork

  • APUSH Period 2
    Ms. Espinosa

    Don’t forget the AP multiple choice pretest tomorrow. Come ready to weep. Also, bring a pen.

  • Cochne Algebra 1 Period 5
    Mr. Cochne

    What was the probability that you would win the random attendance draw contest yesterday during the assembly?

  • WBHS Nurse’s Office
    Mr. Saraswat

    Hi, Jacob! Time to test your blood sugar.

  • Earth Science 9
    Ms. Park

    Are you missing rocks and minerals? Have you heard of the Rice Museum in Hillsboro? It’d make a great little day trip…look into it.

  • Grade 6 Mr. Sullivan
    Mr. Sullivan

    Today your child is bringing home a sunflower he/she planted. Please help transfer it into the ground and watch it grow all summer. Enjoy!

  • Bulldogs Water Polo
    Coach Lee

    Tough losses tonight, ladies. Let’s have a good week of practices and take it to Deer Park in our next game! Keep your heads up.

It felt great to see my son gain confidence in his writing.

Susan | Parent

It felt great to see my son gain confidence in his writing.

Susan | Parent
“It felt great to see my son gain confidence in his writing.” – Susan, Parent


  • The best learning moments are unplanned.

  • Work hard. Be nice. Change the world.

  • A little confidence makes a big difference.

  • A short message can start a long relationship.

  • The more we know about each other, the easier it is to be nice.

  • Fifteen seconds can stay with someone for the rest of the year.

  • A little understanding goes a long way.

  • All the small things add up to something big.

  • We have high expectations; we can do hard things.

  • Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.

Those little things sometimes make the biggest difference.

Mrs. Garland | Teacher

Those little things sometimes make the biggest difference.

Mrs. Garland | Teacher
“Those little things sometimes make the biggest difference.” – Mrs. Garland, Teacher

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