Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details

3 tips for creating a positive Remind culture in the classroom

Best practices

New school year, new class, or both? Whether you’re communicating with parents or students, set the tone—and set your class up for success—from the very first message you send.

1. Send a welcome message.

Along with a friendly greeting—and maybe a fun fact or photo—pass along these important Remind tips to your class:

  • Your number. The phone number that recipients see will be the same for all of your texts, so they can save it as a new contact for easy access.
  • Your office hours. The best time for your class to contact you is during your office hours. Texts sent outside of office hours will need to go through additional steps, and voice calls won’t be completed at all.

[.c-grey-box]TIP: Encourage your class to download the Remind app for easy messaging on the go.[.c-grey-box]

2. Plan a routine.

Consistency can play a huge role in helping students and parents learn what to expect, so think through one or two routines that are simple to put in place.

Some examples from our community:

  • Schedule an announcement for every Monday with assignments for the upcoming week
  • Send a message every Friday sharing a highlight and photo from the past week
  • Share a monthly newsletter as an attachment

[.c-grey-box]TIP: Kick off your brainstorm by listing the updates and announcements you usually share with your classes—especially the recurring ones.[.c-grey-box]

3. Get your class involved.

Along with creating a routine, plan out some regular resources, prompts, and activities that help get your class involved.

A few educator-tested ideas:

[.c-grey-box]TIP: Looking for more? Check out our other resources for using Remind![.c-grey-box]