February 15, 2017
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Remind reactions: get instant feedback on your messages

How-to and Tips

Whether you need to know a volunteer headcount or the best time for a review session, there's a new way to get feedback on your messages—instantly. Now, students and parents can choose from five reactions to acknowledge messages, answer questions, or just provide a quick response.With Reactions, you can ask everyone in your class to react to an announcement. Participants can vote for specific options with different reactions, like 👍 for “Yes” and 👎 for “No.” And reactions like 😀 👏 💙 are a great way to build rapport with the students and parents in your classes.

How it works

To react to a message, just look for the Reactions icon in the app or online. (If you get texts, you'll see a link to react if there's enough room in your message.) You can react with more than one option—and undo them by clicking or tapping again—but you can only use each reaction once.If you want to see who's reacted to your message, just pull up your message summary for a complete list.


Every message is an opportunity to engage students and parents, whether they respond in person or on Remind. Try out Reactions and let us know what you think—we'd love to hear the most creative ways you use them with your classes!For more details about how Reactions works, check out our Help Center.