Co-ops at Remind

  • Office, Lake Tahoe & lunch
  • Nerf wars, Lake Tahoe & lunch

Work for a cause

Make immediate social impact

We’re on a mission to make a difference in education by improving communication among teachers, students and parents. 20% of teachers in the US use our product.

We are building native mobile apps for Android and iOS

Our web application is a single page app built on AngularJS. We are the first Google hit for “remind”. Our iOS app is ranked #1 in the Education Category and #3 overall. (Fall 2014)

Receive mentorship and collaborate with seasoned colleagues

Be an integral part of the team. Our engineers come from top universities and companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Skype, and more.

Continuously learn

We’re a dynamic startup with fast development cycles, so learn fast, fail fast, and learn again.

Get exposed to the latest mobile and web technologies

We use Ruby, Go, Node.js, Heroku, AWS, Postgres, DynamoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, and more.

We offer work variety

Work on whatever most interests you whether that’s mobile development, web full-stack development or dealing with scaling a backend to support tens of millions of users.

Take ownership of your work

You’ll have the flexibility and autonomy to work on meaningful projects.

Ship it! Save busy work for the bees

You’ll be building new features and improving our products starting on your first day here.

  • Ben Guillet

    I get to deal with awesome technical challenges like how do you handle 10-20 k req/s throughput? Why do the worker processes freeze up, and why only under this sustained load? How can we get our messages through in seconds instead of in minutes?

    Ben Guillet Software Engineering Co-op
  • Ted Ying

    I had a lot of fun at Remind. One of my favourite bits was the big impact: build entire features from scratch and change the engines under the plane while it’s flying in the cloud (hopefully without crashing it). Then, watch the users blast the servers with load.

    Ted Ying Software Engineering Co-op
  • Gabriel Wong

    My job title was Android Engineering, but I also got the chance to use Rails, Node.js, AngularJS, Heroku, and more.

    Gabriel Wong Software Engineering Co-op

Let the good times roll

  • We provide housing, transportation, visa sponsorship and very competitive compensation.
  • Delicious catered meals and fully-stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks.
  • Weekly happy hours, onsite and offsite.
  • Picnics and events—we’re friends outside of work.
  • Kick-ass weekly bootcamp with a professional trainer.
  • Lots of ball games! Foosball, badminton, basketball.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • The best workstation and equipment that you choose.
  • Monthly hack days to experiment with something different (one of our engineers created a program to notify us when the bathrooms are free!).
  • 30-foot ceilings with lots of space, lots of lights, a shipping container, and two swings.
  • You’ll never be hungry or bored here, but we recommend that you watch out for the nerf bullets.


  • Solid programming experience from school, co-op work terms and open source projects.
  • You’ve got solid coding experience with at least one of the following: JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Objective-C or Java (Android).
  • Preferably a good understanding of some of the following: HTTP, message queues, Android activity lifecycle, Rails, AngularJS.
  • Interest in making a difference in the world.



To apply for an co-op position, send your resume and transcript to

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Full-time positions

To apply for full-time positions, submit your resume at

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(Extra tip: Include a link to your GitHub projects or code samples on your resume.)