Remind101 is now Remind!

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Remind is a free, safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents.

Remind apps

Connect instantly

Sign up in seconds to send mobile messages to your class.

Connect safely

Teachers never see students’ phone numbers, and students never see theirs.

Connect efficiently

Save time and strengthen connections with simple and fast one-way messaging.

Connect freely

Use Remind for free on any device. No classroom changes required.

Connect instantly

Teachers simply sign up, create a class, add students, and start messaging. Students and parents opt-in to join classes via a unique class code. Once classes are set up, teachers can connect with their classes, and get instant feedback on their messages with Stamps.

Send a message

Instantly message every student and parent in your class. They receive it as a text message or an email.


Get instant feedback from your class with Stamps! Send a message or question, watch as students and parents respond with Stamps, and let Remind summarize this feedback for you in a snap!

Connect safely

Phone numbers are always kept private so communication is 100% safe and secure. Teachers can easily access their stored message history for any administrative requests.


Teachers never see students’ phone numbers. Students never see theirs.

Message history

Teachers can view and download their entire message history for each class.

Connect efficiently

Save time by sending or scheduling messages, photos, files, or voice clips directly to students’ and parents’ phones.

Schedule messages

Did you just think of that exam next week? Schedule and forget it.


Send photos, documents, PDFs, and more, and see who’s viewed the content via the app!

Voice clips

Personalize class communication with Voice Clips! Download the app to record and send quick voice messages to your class.

Connect freely

Any teacher, student and parent can start using Remind today, for FREE, on any device. No commitments or classroom changes required.

Mobile apps

Send messages on-the-go with our Android and iOS apps.

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