Share your content right from Remind

Share your content right from Remind

A few months ago, we introduced Share on Remind to make it easier to share content with your classes. Instead of copying and pasting links into Remind, you can open up a new message no matter what you’re doing—whether you’re browsing videos on PBS, looking for articles on Newsela, or creating a new grid on Flipgrid. With partners in instructional content, student engagement, and logistics, Share on Remind is a great way to discover content that extends learning beyond the classroom.

But sometimes, that content already lives in your Google and Microsoft accounts. And today, we’re launching Connected Accounts so you can access and share your favorite resources without leaving Remind.

How it works

When you compose a message on Remind, you’ll see the usual options for attaching photos and files in the menu on the right. Now, you’ll also see options to add content from Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Microsoft OneDrive. Once you connect your accounts, you’ll be able to attach your favorite study sets, assignments, and more—right from Remind.

You can also go to your Remind account settings to connect your Google and Microsoft accounts. And that’s it! Once that’s done, you’ll have instant access to the content you’re sharing from a single place.

Click here to read a step-by-step guide to connecting your accounts.