December 17, 2019
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End of semester events with Remind


Appreciation is sweet!

From final exams to grading deadlines, the end of the semester is a busy time for everyone. This December, Remind partnered with 12 school administrators to add a delightful surprise to the mix. With their help, we hosted customer appreciation events for more than 2,000 educators and parents nationwide. Read on to see how the events went—and how to bring one to your campus.Each administrator pulled off the event in their own special way: Some arranged treats in the teacher's lounge and others took smiling selfies with donuts in their hands. One school even passed out donuts to parents as they dropped off their kids that morning. Regardless of how the events were executed, educators and parents felt valued—and administrators had a great time too. “Remind has been awesome,” one administrator told us. “This is a wonderful way to show appreciation!”

Let us know if your school or district is interested

If your school would enjoy an event like this, just complete this form and our team will reach out the next time we’re hosting events in your area. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter to keep in touch—we love hearing from our incredible community!

Header image courtesy of Kiva Elementary School.