Top 10 ways to use Remind in the classroom

Getting Started

Looking for ideas? Try these teacher-tested tips for using Remind in your classroom.

  1. Schedule reminders about meeting times and locations for classes, club meetings, sports practices, and more. – Colin W., Iowa

  2. Send permission slips, classroom documents, and other files straight to students' and parents' phones. – Suzanne Q., Maryland

  3. Take photos of class activities or notes on the board and share them with students and parents. – Alicia F., South Carolina

  4. Schedule reminders about assignment deadlines. – Todd N., Texas

  5. Send students warm-up questions and trivia before class. – Catlin T., California

  6. Send students links to outside resources like articles, videos, and more. – John D., Arizona

  7. Send students messages of encouragement and affirmations for their hard work. – Wheatley D., Michigan

  8. Send daily homework assignments. – Michelle Z., Virginia

  9. Send colleagues professional development tips and resources. – Steve F., New Jersey

  10. Send parents conversation starters about what their children are learning in class. – Dan K., Minnesota