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See engagement data for your organization

Understand communication at your organization for the past six month to improve meaningful engagement at every level.

Measuring engagement

For schools and districts

Most engagement in a community occurs at the classroom level. This includes class updates and two-way communication between teachers and families.

Measuring reach

For schools only

The reach of a school community is determined by access to communication channels and how frequently teachers communicate with students and parents.

How the rating is calculated

Each school’s engagement rating is based on publicly available school data and usage statistics from Remind.


At these schools, teachers and administrators use a variety of different communication channels for periodic outreach.


Official communication channels at these schools help streamline the exchange of information between school and home.


The majority of families at these schools have access to an official communication channel and receive most important updates.


These schools maintain a regular cadence of communication with families to build trust and strengthen relationships.

Activate engagement across your entire community with the Remind plan

Learn more about how Remind can help you track and improve engagement at your ourganizacion with these tools and more.

Fast, effective onboarding

Make sure you’re reaching every family in your community by rostering with Remind.

Mobile-first-2-way communication

Reach members of your community on the devices they already use.

Reliable reach

Features like urgent messaging let you reach your community when you need to most.

Activate engagement across your entire community with Remind