Teachers are the heart and soul of what we do.

Our Remind Advisory Board consists of Remind superusers, advocates, and community leaders who guide all product and program decisions. Want to join our community? Start by becoming a Remind Connected Educator.

  • Michael Buist

    Knox Gifted Academy, 5th Grade — all subjects with a focus on STEAM
  • Jessica Deon

    Rosepine Elementary, 5th Grade
  • Jen Roberts

    Point Loma High, 11th Grade English
  • Jason Seliskar

    Rowland Avenue Elementary & Azusa Pacific University, 4th Grade & Adjunct Professor
  • Dr. Kathyrn Cook

    Georgian College, Post-secondary liberal arts & general education
  • Robin Love

    Pickerington High School Noth, 11th & 12th Grade English
  • Jessica Stanford

    Pearl Academy, 1st Grade
  • Todd Nesloney

    Fields Store Elementary, 5th Grade Math
  • Rhonda Gunkel

    Chatfield Senior High, High School Spanish
  • Becky Mead

    Heritage Elementary, 5th Grade Math
  • Diane Main

    The Harker School, Instructional Tech & 9th-12th Grade Computer Science
  • Melissa Hero

    Carlmont High School, High School Biology & AVID
  • Erin Klein

    Cranbrook Educational Community, 2nd Grade
  • Dr. John Wesolowskit

    Charles Carroll Middle, 7th & 8th Grade Lang. Arts & AVID
  • Michael Thompson

    P. R. Leyva Middle, 8th Grade Math
  • Barbara Sader

    Heritage Elementary, 5th Grade Math
  • Lisa Kroster

    Conestoga College, 1st Year College
  • Jay Sonnenburg

    Katy ISD, Digital Learning Coordinator
  • Ben Spieldenner

    Ashland High, 9th–12th Grade English
  • Lisa Olesen

    Lindsay Thurber Comprensive High, 9th, 11th & 12th Grade English
  • Carlos Fernandez

    Leon County, Instructional Technology District Coordinator
  • Matt Hurst

    Middle School iPad Teacher
  • Angela Estrella

    Library Media Teacher
  • Tony Giles

    Sprayberry High, Honors & AP English
  • Craig Nobiling

    High School Social Studies
  • Jena Sherry

    Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA), Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1
  • Nicholas Provenzano

    Grosse Pointe South High Schools, 9th & 10th Grade English
  • Drew Minock

    Eastover Elementary, 4th Grade
  • Brad Waid

    Eastover Elementary, 3rd Grade
  • John Phillips

    Urbandale Elementary, Technology
  • Christopher Kauter

    Deer Park High, Social Studies & Senior Internship Advisor
  • Pam Vazquez

    Lexington Middle, 8th Grade South Carolina History
  • Catherine Flippen

    Mount Vernon, Secondary Educator
  • Chris Carter

    DeLay Middle, 8th Grade Science
  • Holly Reid

    Clift Elementary, 3rd Grade, Math & Science, UIL Coordinator
  • Lindsay Pinkelman

    Delta Junction High, School Counselor
  • Steve Figurelli

    Edison Twp. Public Schools, Staff Development Trainer
  • Brant Farris

    Bowie ISD, Instructional Technology Coordinator
  • Roni Habib

    Gunn High, Ed Tech Coord. & Positive Psych. Teacher
  • Adam Welcome

    John Swett, Elementary Principal
  • John Damaso

    Brophy Prep, English
  • Christopher Webb

    Lester B. Pearson School Board, Math
  • Corey Teitsma

    Lake Ridge Middle, Special Education
  • Daisy Marino

    Warren Elementary, 4th Grade ELA Teacher & Campus Tech Mentor
  • Kyle Pace

    Kansas City, MO, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Tom Murray

    Washington, DC, State & District Digital Learning Director
  • Lisa Dabbs

    Educational Consutlant, Author, Speaker, Blogger
  • Tasha Candela

    Lake Shore High, 10-12th Grade Web Design & Instructional Technology Consultant
  • Andrew Marcinek

    Grafton Public, Director of Technology
  • Isaac Pineda

    Colegio Inglés, Monterrey, Mexico, Technology Integration Specialist
  • Dominique Dynes

    American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C., 6th Grade Social Studies
  • Manel Trenchs i Mola

    Escola Pia Santa Anna, Mataró Barcelona, Spain, Art History
  • Dr. Bill Ziegler

    Pottsgrove High, Principal