Community Guidelines

Remind is a communication tool designed to connect organization leaders, such as teachers, administrators, and coaches, with participants in their organizations, such as students, parents, or other educators. Improving education is a team effort, and by making it simple to keep all users informed, Remind helps educators build community inside and outside of the classroom.

Respect and safety are at the heart of any meaningful community, so the safety and well-being of our community is our highest priority. Everyone plays an important role in this effort. We strongly encourage all users, whether you’re an organizer (e.g., teacher, administrator, coach), participant (e.g., student, parent, athlete), or organization (e.g., school, district, PTA group) to report any inappropriate content or other threatening use of Remind’s services. Please contact us at to notify our team of any violations of these guidelines or our Terms of Service.

The Remind community should keep the following in mind when sending messages:

  • Send messages that could be read aloud over the intercom

    Even though messages aren’t shared publicly, we encourage you to stay conscientious of your message content. Messages should be appropriate for all age levels, centered around educational activities, and constructive in nature. TIP: Want examples of great messages to share with your class or group? Check these out!

  • Ensure your participant list is always current and accurate

    It’s important that you’re messaging the correct people, so check your participant list frequently. You can remove any participants who don’t belong. TIP: You should only provide your class or group code to people you wish to join your class or group, so be careful posting the code on social media or other public platforms.

  • Get permission from participants before sending them an invite via text or email

    There may be an area in your account where you can send invitations. It’s important that you only enter the phone numbers and/or emails of people who have provided consent to be contacted by you. TIP: Let participants know how you’ll be using Remind so they feel comfortable accepting an invitation to join.

  • Be conscious of how many messages you send and when you send them

    Each classroom and group is different, but each message should be valuable for your participants. Listen to feedback about the frequency and timing of your messages. TIP: Consider attaching files or voice clips to pack in more details instead of sending three messages in a row.

To help us protect our community, here’s a reminder of what to avoid:

  • Profanity

    Avoid any word or phrase that you wouldn’t hear on the radio or in a family environment. Please keep it clean. Remind is first and foremost an educational tool.

  • Nudity or sexually suggestive content of any kind

    There is no place for nudity in Remind messages. If messages of this sort are found or reported, the organizer’s account will be deleted.

  • Harassment, bullying, and gossip

    We’re building a supportive community where students, parents, and teachers feel connected in order to improve education. Any messages meant to threaten, harm, or make someone feel bad about him or herself is unacceptable. We encourage you to seek out resources or contact a trusted adult if you or someone you know is being bullied.

  • Pretending to be someone else

    In order for Remind to protect the safety and security of our network, it’s important for everyone to use his or her real name and role. Fake names, students impersonating their teachers, or inaccurate class names are not allowed on Remind.

  • Spamming participants

    Consider the frequency and content of your messages. Remind prohibits sending multiple messages a day without regard for your participants or messages that contain irrelevant content. If it is detected that you are spamming your participants, your account may be deactivated.

  • Threatening harm to yourself or others

    We are building a safe, supportive community where students, parents, and teachers are connected in order to improve education. Any messages meant to threaten harm to yourself or others goes against our mission. We encourage you to seek out resources or contact a trusted adult if you or someone you know is considering suicide or sending violent threats.

  • Using Remind for commercial purposes

    Remind is a free service intended for educators. If you’re using Remind as another type of organizer, that is typically fine, but you may not solicit sales via Remind. If you have questions about your use case, feel free to email us at!

Remind messages may be monitored from time to time for content that is outside our guidelines or purpose. Accounts containing inappropriate content may be deactivated and closed. Depending on the situation, you may or may not be contacted before this happens. Please take time to review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy If you have any questions, please email our support team at

If you would like to report inappropriate content that violates our guidelines, please email us at

Thanks for working with us to build a strong and supportive community on Remind!
– The Remind Team