I’ve enjoyed Remind as a parent and as an educator. Just wish there was a way to respond!

Reneé Santelli (Parent)

I like it but I really wish we could ask questions.

Kiarra Townsley (Student)

As a teacher, I love enhancing the partnership between teachers, students, parents. I hope 2-way messaging becomes available soon!

Dawn Scianna (Teacher)

Great app, just needs communication between parents and teachers.

Andi Ferguson (Teacher)

Introducing Chat

Connect instantly with students and parents through quick, efficient conversations


Bridge the gap

Reach students and parents where they are, and on the devices they love

Through simple conversation

Start conversations, set office hours, and pause or resume your Chats with ease

Choose how you connect

Continue sending Announcements with no reply-back

Choose how you connect

Start a Chat for one-to-one conversation

Messaging is still safe and secure

Access recorded message history at any time

Use reporting tools to manage your experience on Remind

As always, personal information is kept private

Our teachers

Shout out to all of the amazing teachers that worked hand-in-hand with us to develop and launch Chat! Thank you for helping us connect teachers, students, and parents.

Chat with students teachers parents coaches

Chat is here!

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