Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
May 31, 2022
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8 reasons to upgrade from Remind Chat to Hub

How-to and Tips

If you, like many other principals and administrators, began using Remind Chat for your own communication way back in the day, consider us a fan: We’re always impressed by the steps administrators take to make sure stakeholders benefit from tools that work, even if that means dealing with features and functions that might not be quite suited for your purposes.

Now, you don’t need to find workarounds for big classes or school-wide announcements. In the past few years, we’ve been hard at work building Remind Hub for schools and districts, so you can get expanded communication features designed specifically for administrators—and a powerful integrated platform that supports communication for everyone else in your community, too.

Here are our top eight reasons why upgrading to Remind Hub could be the next step that unlocks communication for you and your community.

1. Not enough characters for your entire message? Remind Hub lets you keep going.

With Remind Hub, you (and everyone else in your organization) can send messages of up to 10,000 characters. You can still keep messages simple when you want to, but now you don’t need to break them into multiple parts when you have a longer update to share.

2. When it comes to class sizes, the sky’s the limit.

With Remind Chat, class size is capped at 150 participants, which is a size that works for most teachers’ classrooms. But you or your staff might need a bigger class to tell student athletes to turn in their physicals, invite parents of students with IEPs to a workshop, or ping your staff to remember to dress up for spirit week. 

Remind Hub allows you to create groups of up to 5,000 participants, so you can contact larger groups within your school or district—like entire grades, the PTO, or big teams—with one text message.

3. If you thought it was great to be able to text your class, wait until you try texting your school or district.

If you’re already planning how you’ll create a class big enough for your entire school, we’ve got you covered: Remind Hub includes school- and district-wide messaging so you can reach your entire community with a single message. Everyone affiliated with your organization will receive the same content, in their preferred language, at the same time. 

4. Chat lets you communicate with multilingual families in their preferred languages. Hub lets them do it by text message, too.

Everyone who uses Remind via app or web has access to preferred language translation, so messages they receive are automatically translated into the language of their choice. With Remind Hub, automatic two-way translation is also available over text message, so multilingual families can reply directly to you by text in their home languages.

Plus, Hub lets senders edit translated messages if they’d like to word things differently, so you can make sure you’re sending exactly what you want to send.

5. In urgent situations, Hub lets you send emergency notifications your community won’t miss.

In emergency situations, school- and district-wide messages get a boost with urgent messaging through Remind Hub. You can send urgent messages directly from the app, so you won’t need to find translators or a computer with internet access to get your community time-sensitive information as soon as possible.

Urgent messages get sent to everyone in your organization via text or app, and they also include a text-to-voice fallback that calls anyone who’s unreachable or has a landline number. For a more personal touch, you can also record a voice clip to attach to urgent messages.

6. If you’ve ever wished you could see who else was using Remind at your school, now you can.

Remind Hub is designed to be the hub for all the communication in your school or district community, so you get oversight over all the communication happening between your team, your students, and your families. Along with community statistics, you’ll get access to granular engagement data so you can see who’s sending messages (and who’s stopped responding). 

Want to know how many teachers, students, and families in your school or district are using Remind Chat and how often? Look it up here.

7. The only thing better than one-step signup for students and families is no-step signup.

As simple as Remind Chat makes it for students and family members to opt in, administrators already have enough to do. If you have a system for classroom enrollment, Remind Hub lets you sync with your SIS to create accounts and populate classes. No need to wait for stakeholders to sign up or manually upload their contact information into each class.

8. Last but not least: There’s no need to get everyone to use another tool for school communication, because they already use Remind.

You’re already familiar with Remind, and so are others in your school and district, from teachers to staff to students to families. Remind Hub doesn’t just expand the features you already know and use to make them more powerful and effective: Upgrading lets you build on that adoption, usage, and familiarity to bring effective communication to your entire community.

These are only some of the ways that you and your community can benefit from upgrading to Remind Hub. (We could go on, but we won’t… for now.) Learn more about what Hub can do to help increase engagement, streamline communication, and customize messages to meet your needs.