August 24, 2017
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Putting a face to the name: profile photos on Remind

How-to and Tips

Strike a pose

Now, you can upload a photo of yourself to your profile on Remind—and help your school community put a face to the name.

How to add a profile photo

Log in to Remind and go to your account settings. This will take you to your user profile.

Once you're there, you'll see a camera icon right above your signature. Click or tap on it to upload a photo of yourself. (If you're on the app, you can take a photo with your camera.)

You can edit or resize your photo after it's been uploaded.

And that's it! Your profile photo will appear with your signature in the app and on web. (If students and parents receive messages by text, they'll need to log in to their Remind accounts to add photos to their profiles.)

Just one more thing...

If you see any profile photos that don't follow our Community Guidelines, you can always report them to our team. Thanks for helping us keep the Remind community safe!