Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
June 11, 2015
 • By 
Jordan Smith

Preparing your Remind account for summer

How-to and Tips

You made it—the school year has ended! Your students are more confident, smarter, and a little bit older than when they first walked into your classroom thanks to your hard work this year. Now, with your classroom empty at the end of the year, it’s time to get your Remind account cleaned up for the summer. Just follow the checklist below.

Archive your class

  • If you haven’t already, send a final announcement to your class saying goodbye for the summer and encouraging them to stay in touch.
  • Print out your message history from your web account. Head to “My account” then “Print.” You can print all of your classes or just one.

Clean up your people list

  • Remove all subscribers in a class with two clicks! In your account on the web and in the app, read how to do so  here.
  • Keeping most of your students? You can remove just the few that won’t be returning. Remove one subscriber on web by clicking their name in the list and Remove. In app, find their name in the subscriber list then Remove subscriber.
  • Need to move your subscribers around? If you are keeping some of the same subscribers but they will be in a new class, you can copy a subscriber to a new class. We just released this feature for our app users. Head to their subscriber details and tap Copy to another class. Once you have done that, you can unsubscribe them from this year’s class.

Delete or revamp your class

  • If you would like to end the school year with a clean slate, you can easily delete your classes at the end of the year. Tap the (i) icon on the Class page in the app or Edit next to the class name on web to do this.
  • If you only need to change your class name, we make it easy. Tap Edit next to the name on web or find the (i) icon on the Class page in the app.
  • Editing your class code is a great choice if your code is tied to a grade level or year, even if you are keeping most of your same students. Head to the app and tap the (i) icon to edit the class code.

Questions?The Remind support team is always eager to help! Email us directly or shoot us a quick question on Twitter.