Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
May 12, 2023
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Introducing the Enhanced Data Dashboard


As an administrator, it might feel like you’re dealing with data issues all the time: either you can’t find the exact data you’re looking for, or it’s difficult to pull, or it’s not in a format you can use. Sometimes, you end up with too much data—so much information that it’s hard to understand what it means or what to do with it.

But having the right data is one of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of the tech tools you use for different functions in your school or district, and communication is no exception. That’s why we’re excited to share that our new Enhanced Data Dashboard is now available as an add-on for Remind Hub for schools and districts.

Our redesigned dashboard lets administrators quickly see the communication taking place across your schools and throughout your district. From a bird’s-eye view of school- and district-wide communication to a breakdown of who’s using Remind in your community, you can get a pulse on adoption and usage across your organization—and advocate for best practices around communication in your community.

Enhanced data insights you can use

Along with expanding the statistics available to administrators, the enhanced data dashboard introduces an intuitive interface to help you make more data-driven decisions about your community and communication practices.

Now, you can access key insights about who’s using Remind in your community, the most effective communication setups, and usage and adoption among your teachers and staff—all in an intuitive interface that makes it easy to see patterns and trends at a glance. Additionally, the dashboard lets you download detailed engagement data without reaching out to Remind, so you can pull exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Here’s what the enhanced data dashboard includes:

Community insights provide an overview of all the students, parents, teachers, and staff who have access to the Remind platform, whether they’re SIS-linked or not. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the languages that community members have set for receiving messages on Remind.

Reachability insights offer an in-depth look at how your community is using Remind, including a breakdown of their preferred notification channels (SMS, app, email). You’ll also have access to message delivery statistics to help you see if users are successfully receiving messages.

Finally, engagement insights help you understand core adoption and usage, including how frequently teachers and administrators in your organization are sending messages with Remind.

Adding the Enhanced Data Dashboard to your Remind Hub plan

The Enhanced Data Dashboard is available as an upgrade for schools and districts with Remind Hub. To get key engagement insights for your school or district organization, contact your customer success manager or learn more about upgrading to Remind Hub.