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Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
November 11, 2016
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How this teacher helped a deployed parent stay involved


Courtney Webb teaches second grade in Maryville, Tennessee, and she uses Remind to connect with parents—even when they're serving abroad.Mike, the father of one of her students, was recently deployed to Djibouti, Africa. He checked in to see how Zach was doing in school as soon as he had internet access, and they kept in touch throughout the year.As the months passed, Courtney and Mike even managed to coordinate a shipment of Girl Scout Cookies for the kids at a local orphanage in Djibouti. Parent-teacher communication helped them work together to support Zach—and made an impact on children in another community, too.Here are some highlights from their conversations.

Checking in

Mike A.: I finally got my internet hooked up! How is Zach doing in school?Mrs. Webb: Well, he's started taking his meds at lunchtime. Afternoons are going smoothly now.Mike A.: That's good to know about his meds. Please text me any time. Thanks again for all you do!


The orphanage in Djibouti

Mrs. Webb: I just picked up Girl Scout Cookies, and I'll be sending some your way soon!Can you tell me more about the kids at the orphanage?Mike A.: Thank you for the Girl Scout Cookies! The orphanage is located in the downtown of Djibouti, and it serves homeless children on the streets. It offers medical assistance, meals, clothing, and help for teenage mothers. We bring them food, clothing, and shoes, and we try to go once a week or every other week depending on circumstances. Any help is greatly appreciated.Give Zach a big hug from me! I miss him terribly!Mrs. Webb: I bet you do! I'll give him a big squeeze tomorrow morning for you!


End of the year

Mike A.: I got back on July 21st! Thanks again for the Girl Scout Cookies. I gave them to the orphanage!Mrs. Webb: Thank you! Did you like having a way to keep in touch with classroom events?Mike A.: Yes, that was great! Thanks for keeping me informed about Zach's school status.Mrs. Webb: You're welcome. Thank you for your service! 🇺🇸Messages have been edited for length and clarity.