Dear teacher…

Dear teacher…

It’s a new year.
And a new chance to remind you:
The little things you do
make a big difference.

Your presence is felt today—and every day.
Your words of encouragement open minds and change hearts.
Your smiles, hugs, and enthusiasm are contagious.

Your notes to students are actually read.

Thanks to you, they know about the next test. And the next field trip. And when to take their medication. That’s pretty important.

Know what else is important?
Other small things.
Your texts and phone calls.
Your nudges, fist bumps, and high fives.
These are remembered long after they leave.

Thank you for teaching the small things
because these kids need them.

They feel your tap on their shoulder.
They see your eyes acknowledge them.
They pay attention to the lessons you teach.
Especially the ones after class
(the things that won’t be on the test).

Every seemingly small action you take—it shapes them.

So when you feel overwhelmed by the big, remember:
The smallest things you do
aren’t small at all.

Welcome back,