3 Things to Do to Set Up Your Classes For the Year

3 Things to Do to Set Up Your Classes For the Year

Get your Remind account ready for the new year with a cleaned-up class list, friendly welcome messages, and new participants. Here’s a checklist of three quick things to do to set up your classes—even before you head back to school.

1. Archive your old classes.

Instead of deleting classes that you’re not using, archive them and start fresh. When you click into your class settings online, you’ll see two new options at the bottom.


To use a class again this year, select Reuse your class code. This will archive your old messages and participants, and you’ll be left with a empty class with the exact same name, code, and icon.

Done with a class for now? Select Remove from class list to send the class to your archive.

To access your archived classes, just go to your account settings online. You’ll be able to see and restore archived classes from there.

2. Set a welcome message.

Once you’ve created your class, set a welcome message for your participants this year. Share how you’ll be using Remind, let them know if they need to prepare anything for class, or just say hi. (We’ve even included a sample message you can use!)


Class still missing participants when you hit send? No problem. No matter when they join, any participant who logs in on the Remind app or online can see all the announcements you’ve sent to that class.

3. Add people directly to your classes.

No need to wait until the first day of class or back-to-school night. If you have the names and contact information for your participants, get a head start on filling your classes.

When you add people to your class, select Add people directly. You can enter email addresses or phone numbers—participants can always change their notification preferences later.


Participants who are 13 or older will start receiving messages right away. If your class includes students under 13, they’ll get an invitation to opt in to Remind—and they’ll start receiving messages as soon as they do.

And now your Remind classes are ready for another great year! Don’t forget to check your office hours, add other owners to your class, or print out instructions for joining if you need to. And, as always, check out the Remind Help Center if you have any questions.