December 10, 2014
 • By 
Brett Kopf

1 billion meaningful messages


I’m incredibly proud to say that the teachers on Remind just sent our 1 billionth message! That’s a lot (:Thank you to teachers around the world who go above and beyond to connect with students and parents—this dedication to your school communities has helped Remind achieve this milestone. So much has changed in just a few years, but our commitment to teachers has never wavered.

Looking forward to the next 99 billion

We’re both excited and humbled by the opportunity to support teachers everywhere in sending the next 99 billion messages. Remind has always been about much more than the exchange of information. We’re about connection, and we’re just getting started. Impacting student achievement will be a team effort, which is why we’re focused on building a product that helps teachers strengthen their relationships with students and parents.Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with all of you to connect every teacher, student, and parent in the world to improve education.