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Our vision is to give every student an opportunity to succeed.

Our values

Be teacher-obsessed

We partner with teachers and work hard to earn their trust.

Find a way

We take ownership and focus on impact.

Create simplicity for others

We make things useful and easy to understand.

Remind is used in
90%+ U.S. school districts
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Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but you have an exam tomorrow so study maybe?

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Meet our team

  • Brett Kopf Co-Founder
  • David Kopf Co-Founder
  • Brian Grey CEO
  • Jason Fischl VP of Engineering
  • Quenton Cook VP of Product
  • Max Chursin Android Engineer
  • Ben Marini Software Engineer
  • Eric Holmes Software Engineer
  • Rex Fenley iOS Engineer
  • Jordan DiSanto Designer
  • Jordan Smith User Experience Researcher
  • Ben Guillet Software Engineer
  • Alex Leffelman iOS Engineer
  • Quentin Cuvillier Software Engineer
  • Aravind Rajendiran Android Engineer
  • Dave Lyons Software Engineer
  • Dustin Horton Software Engineer
  • Sean McQuillan Android Engineer
  • Rachel Niederman Product Manager
  • Olga Galchenko iOS Engineer
  • Michael Barrett Software Engineer
  • Emily McDonnell Head of Support
  • Sumeet Agarwal Software Engineer
  • Cameron Reynolds-Flatt Designer
  • Winston Wu Head of Finance & Operations
  • Danny Salvatori Designer
  • Mandy Collins Designer
  • Vlad Yarotsky Software Engineer
  • Sophie Dawson Software Engineer
  • Taylor Chapman Community Growth Manager
  • Connor Pierson Community Growth Manager
  • Jennifer Liu Content Manager
  • Zach Abrams Product Manager
  • Turadg Aleahmad Software Engineer
  • Collin Wikman Designer
  • Roger Goldfinger Software Engineer
  • Arjun Naskar Product Marketing Manager
  • Emmiliese von Clemm Product Marketing Manager
  • Gaurav Kulkarni Software Engineer
  • James McMath Software Engineer
  • Alison Murphy Head of Support
  • Kevin McIntire Engineering Manager
  • Danilo Resende Software Engineer
  • Peter Hamilton Software Engineer
  • Phil Webster Software Engineer
  • Galen Cook Software Engineer
  • Sarah Dougherty Community Growth Manager
  • Jackson Klein Community Growth Manager
  • Ana Rosario User Experience Researcher
  • Taylor Lentz Product Manager
  • Shirley Ho Recruiting Coordinator
  • Tess Lippincott Support
  • Danny Roa Software Engineer
  • Jessie Serrino Software Engineer
  • John Shin Designer
  • Georgia Price Customer Engagement Manager
  • Caleb An Software Engineer
  • Brian Addison Data Scientist
  • Brian Estlin Data Engineer
  • Laura Loudamy Community Growth Manager
  • Tracy Petersen Executive Assistant
  • Lora Mousa School Success Manager
  • Eric Reichenbacher School Success Manager
  • Samantha Sorkin Support
  • Will Timoney Software Engineer
  • Chris Auyeung Designer
  • Karen Murphy District Community Manager
  • Derick Olson Software Engineer
  • Erika Mitzel Office Manager
  • Alberto Solis Head of School Success
  • George Pipoly Business Strategy Analyst
  • Christine Garland Support
  • Jack
  • Bruno
  • Helen
  • Thor
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Meet our teachers

At Remind, teachers are the heart and soul of what we do. That’s because we believe that by making teachers’ lives easier, we empower them to personally connect with students and bring communities together to improve education.

We listen before we build. Meet our Remind Advisory Board!

Meet our R.A.B.
Todd Nesloney

Using Remind allows me to keep my students and their parents up-to-date with exactly what’s going on in class.

Todd Nesloney Principal at Navasota Intermediate

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