Reach students and parents where they are

Communication for the school, home, and everywhere in between.

Simple to use

If your community can text, they can use Remind.

Two-way messaging

A direct line between the people who matter most to student success.

Built for education

Making communication easier for educators—not more complicated.

For administrators

Activate engagement across your community.

Harness the communication that's already happening to bring meaningful engagement to every classroom, school, and office in your district.

For teachers

Send messages that students and parents can’t miss.

Teaching is about your students, not tracking down handouts or playing phone tag. Remind makes it easy to reach the people you need to reach.

For families

Stay on top of what’s going on at school.

From assignments to activities to closures, Remind makes sure you get the information you need, when you need it, right on your phone.

Partners on Remind

Extend learning beyond the classroom.

Remind’s partnered with some of the leading companies in education to transform how educators, students, and parents share the content they need to succeed together.