Increasing Parent Engagement and Satisfaction

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Thousands of educators use Remind to engage with parents and other family members: everything from announcements, to celebrations of school achievements, to tips on “how to talk to your student about their day at school.” Across the board, educators report huge growth in enthusiasm and involvement from families as a result of using Remind.

How Remind Can Help

Get 100% of parents signed up! Many teachers incentivize students to get their parents signed up in return for opportunities for extra credit, treats or chances at a raffle prize.

Create an all-school Remind class for all parents and use it to keep them in the loop and build their involvement. One PTA used Remind to triple attendance at PTA events!

Set up a parents-only Remind class and tell parents to ask their child about the specific concept you taught. That way you can extend learning at home and spark meaningful conversation at the dinner table. More tips here!

We’re used to the parent asking how school was today, the student going blank, and the conversation ending there. But these Remind messages now let parents ask specific followup questions about the day’s lesson. Those followup questions at the dinner table have now become more enriched conversations at home. We’ve seen a huge jump in motivation, and students are now asking their parents what they’ve heard from their teacher via Remind because they want to be in the loop.

Michelle Watkins
Teacher (Martinez, CA)