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Our tutors know that it’s important to help you feel confident and inspired to conquer your learning goals.

Personalized one-on-one sessions

Everyone learns in their own way. Our tutors tailor sessions to your learning needs and help you stay engaged.

Convenient, online, and on your time

With online sessions and flexible scheduling, Remind tutors go wherever you go—and whenever you need help.

How it works

Schedule online and get paired with a great tutor

Tell us about your unique goals and get paired with an experienced tutor who knows the material and suits your learning needs. Before the session, you can use Remind to chat with your tutor and send them homework or notes so they can understand where you need help.

Join the video session from your computer and work together in real time

For each tutoring session, you’ll receive a link to join a video call and interactive whiteboard. Talk with your tutor about what subjects you’re working on, then problem-solve on screen together.

Get your session summary with actionable next steps—and build on progress over time

Your tutor will send you (and any caregiver involved) a personal session summary in Remind Chat, including helpful resources and next steps. Continue working with the same tutor during weekly sessions to gain confidence and build positive learning habits.

“Remind has been exceptional”

Remind Tutors have a 4.74 avg. rating


Our tutor made it really simple. I liked that it alternated between him doing a problem and then passing it to me.

8th grade


[.c-testimonial-highlighted]I didn’t know online tutoring could be that individualized.[.c-testimonial-highlighted] Our tutor encouraged Theo, broke concepts down. I never considered tutoring before, but one session changed my mind.

Theo's Parent


Our tutor is good at explaining things and very funny and positive!

Olivia and Grant
3rd and 5th grade


They never complain about tutoring. [.c-testimonial-highlighted]They actually look forward to it![.c-testimonial-highlighted]

Olivia and Grant's Parent


The tutor talked me through the problem, let me do it myself, and corrected where I needed. I felt confident going into the exam.

12th grade


Our tutor really zeroed in on my daughter’s needs. She felt at ease rather than being stressed about her exam.

Maliyah's Parent


My tutor was great and helped me understand everything.

9th grade


Remind has been exceptional. [.c-testimonial-highlighted]Fidel’s loved his experience so much.[.c-testimonial-highlighted] He has ADHD. Out of all the tutoring he’s had, Remind is the best.

Fidel's Parent


My tutor was easy to understand and made me feel smarter about math.

7th grade


Our tutor was a good listener and delved in on exactly what Emma was needing.

Emma's Parent


I loved my tutor’s method. She felt relatable and made me feel comfortable. I never felt like I was bad at math.

8th grade


Ariella said that the sessions with the tutor have really helped her in understanding the homework lessons.

Ariella's Parent
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