Your guide to getting started
with Remind Tutoring

You may be wondering how does online tutoring work? We are here to help you find the right tutor for your child. With Remind Tutoring, you let us know which math subject your child is struggling with and we partner them with a tutor that is skilled and experienced in that area. It’s just that easy to get matched with a certified math teacher with years of classroom experience.

What to expect from your
first tutoring session

To help you understand how our online tutoring program works, we want to take you through your first session with Remind Tutoring.


A direct line to your tutor

After you sign up and schedule your first session, you’ll be connected with your tutor through our online communication system— Remind Chat. You can share homework examples and other details to help them get to know your child.

Tip: Create a student account for your child to get them involved in the conversation!


Interactive, hands-on learning

Your child will meet with their tutor on camera and problem-solve on screen. We recommend using two devices: a computer for the video call and a large touchscreen device for the interactive whiteboard.

Tip: Remind Tutoring also works on just one device–check out some alternative setups we recommend.


One-on-one instruction

Your tutor will start your first session by getting to know your child, introducing the subject area, setting goals, and providing a level assessment if necessary. Our online tutoring services are so effective because our tutors can build a teaching relationship with your child, helping them feel comfortable in the learning environment.

Tip: We encourage parents to attend the beginning and end of sessions to help set goals and check in on progress.


Personal follow-up

After each session, your tutor will share a summary in your chat with strengths and growth areas, tips for review, and additional resources. This personal follow up helps our online tutoring work better by keeping parents informed and involved.

Your first session is free

After that, it's just $40 per session.

  • Continue with your coach or work with any of our coaches
  • Reschedule sessions up to 24 hours in advance
  • Cancel sessions as needed to fit your schedule
  • Live chat for any questions or issues

Sign up in 3 easy steps

Now that you know how our online tutoring works, discover how simple it is to sign up with Remind Tutoring.


Tell us a little about your child

From homework assignments to learning style, share any details you’d like to help us get to know your child.


Choose a time that works for you

Reserve a weekly time slot for your session—you can always cancel or reschedule as needed.


Get paired with a certified teacher

We’ll match you with an experienced teacher based on subject area, schedule, and your child’s needs and goals.

What makes Remind
Tutoring different

At Remind Tutoring, our goal is to help your child succeed in math. We stand out from other tutoring services by doing things differently.

Certified K-12 teachers

Every coach with Remind Tutoring is a certified math teacher with real classroom experience, so they know math subjects inside and out.

Direct communication

Video-based sessions include interactive whiteboarding for hands-on learning, and it’s easy to get in touch with your tutor between sessions.

Trusted by teachers and families

Remind is used in over 80% of US public school districts for communication between teachers, parents, and students.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how our online tutoring services work.

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What devices do I need?
How can I be involved as a parent?
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How much does it cost per session?
When will I be billed?