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In 2020, Remind launched a new tutoring program that matches certified math teachers with students. Our goal was to make online math help available for any student who needed support outside the classroom. Now in 2021, we’ve had over 20,000 completed tutoring sessions. Most importantly, 9 out of 10 Remind Tutoring students say that they’d recommend their tutor to a friend or a family member. 

We are so thankful to our loyal students, parents, teachers, and advocates. Below are some of our reviews we’ve garnered this past quarter, and are a true testament of who we are and what we stand for. 

We've had over 20,000 completed tutoring sessions. Most importantly, 9 out of 10 Remind Tutoring students say that they’d recommend their tutor to a friend or a family member. 

MacroniKid - Tutoring Review from a Mom of Two

Jennifer, a publisher from MacroniKid signed her two kids, Joey and Carlie for Remind Math Tutoring in preparation for the new school year after a year of remote learning. She had two distinct goals when signing up for the service: her middle schooler (Carlie) needed to gain her confidence back and her youngest (Joey) needed extra practice to catch up on areas of delay. Read each of their experience below: 

Joey's tutoring experience (5th grader)

"Our coach was upbeat and very patient. She asked questions to make sure Joey understood the task and presented the materials on the whiteboard using visual models to help him understand. Joey was also very actively engaged the entire time, and I was delighted to hear how proud he was when he completed each problem."

Carlie's tutoring experience (8th grader)

"Carlie was concerned about the new unit her math class was beginning and wanted to review it with her coach. Her coach explained the math concepts around rotation and reflections on the coordinate grid, gave examples, broke the problems down, and helped talk Carlie through the encouragement. Carlie was able to save the examples they had done together on the whiteboard so she could reference them in class. Afterwards, Carlie mentioned she had felt better about reflection coordinates and that her coach really helped her understand."

Jennifer's experience (parent)

"We were able to reserve a weekly session with the same tutor for each of the kids. I can really tell that they are gaining confidence. After each session I got summary emails about their progress. It's very easy to reschedule, cancel or even add on more sessions as needed. I like that each session is customized, and they take place online. With our schedules, driving through town to get them to a tutor would be disruptive to our weekly routine. Now I can make dinner and keep an eye on the tutoring, while they work in my office."

Momma Review - "The Advantages of Personalized Tutoring"

Brandiann from MommaReview pulled together a list of advantages of personalized tutoring, specifically from her experience with Remind Tutoring:

  • One-on-One: When a student is given one-on-one attention outside of a large classroom setting, learning is easier and more enjoyable
  • Personalized: Personalized instruction can be geared to the student, who might fail to grasp the material at the time it’s presented to the class as a whole but with a tutor can engage more easily with questions that lead to better comprehension
  • Positive reinforcement: Tutors can provide reinforcement, which has been shown to yield positive results. Rewarding a struggling student with positive reinforcement can make learning more attractive.
  • Adapting to one’s learning style: A tutor can identify a student’s learning style and teach accordingly, making it more relatable and digestible.

The results: improved grades, elevated academic performance and increased self-esteem. 

Cool Mom Picks - "Like sitting at the kitchen table with your favorite teacher"

The CoolMomStaff has deemed Remind Tutoring as, “online math tutoring that’s like sitting at the kitchen table with a favorite teacher.” Each Remind Tutoring session includes an interactive white board, for the students to work with their tutor as if they were sitting together at the kitchen table. Remind encourages parents to forward their child’s homework from school prior to each session, so they can get the help they need to strengthen their skills and become more independent. 

TopTenReviews - "Consistent and personalized support from an experienced tutors"

TopTenReviews rated Remind Tutoring with a 4.5/5 star rating, claiming it’s “a sensible choice if you have a school-aged child who needs consistent and personalized support in math from an experienced and qualified teacher.

TopTenReviews has deemed Remind Tutoring as, “the best for consistent approach.” Specifically, Remind Tutoring’s strength comes with building long-term relationships to help students get results. It has a specialist and narrow focus– supporting pupils in US schools to help them understand any concepts they may be struggling with and boost their grades in math. If you want the personal approach of face-to-face tutoring without having someone into your home, Remind Tutoring could be the company for you. 

Parents: If you’re a parent or student interested in online math tutoring, you can sign up here to be matched with one of our amazing tutors. 

Administrators: If you’re an administrator interested in bringing Remind Tutoring to your organization, join our waitlist to learn more.

Teachers: If you are a certified teacher and interested in tutoring students, get more info here.

Thank you to everyone who has made Remind Math Tutoring a great success this past year. Please continue to support us in this new year.