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Remind Tutor HS Math Teacher
Cassandra, Teacher & Remind Coach
Experience: 12 years HS math
Subjects: Algebra, Geometry
9th grade girls tutoring
Daniella, 9th grader
Needs help solving log equations with exponents
Remind Math Tutoring with Student
Whether school was remote, in-person, or both, this year was tough for everyone.
Give your child the time, attention, and support they need to catch up or stay ahead during the school year. Remind coaches (tutors) are certified K-12 math teachers who know their subjects inside and out—and how to teach them. Trigonometry experts? Yes we have them!

Your coach (tutor) starts by getting to know your child, their learning preferences, and their academic needs.

They'll build a personalized plan based on your child's goals. Need to better understand sine, cosine & tangents? We are on it.

After every session, you'll get a summary with a recap, progress update, and tips for review.

Personalized to every child

Everything your child needs to master trigonometry at their own pace and on their own time. Extra focus on trigonometric ratios? Review test mistakes or difficult homework problems?

Common Core-aligned math content developed by subject matter experts. Focus on trouble spots or go over difficult concepts step by step.

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Hands-on problem-solving during sessions to build understanding and confidence. Do it visually on our interactive whiteboard.

Strategy X and O

Optional extra practice between sessions to strengthen mathematical reasoning skills and truly master trigonometry concepts, formulas and ratios.

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What you get

Writing Study Notepad
Personalized learning plan
Each personalized plan will be based on your child’s unique goals, learning style, and academic needs.
Adjusting program
Hands-on support for the school year
Build understanding and confidence with the guidance of a certified K-12 teacher.
Chalkboard Whiteboard Problem Set
Flexible scheduling
Tutoring sessions can be scheduled up to three times per week. Rescheduling and cancellations are easy.

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