Communicating With English Language Learners

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Improving communication is especially important for ELL students and families, and thousands of educators are using Remind to help address the achievement gap.

How Remind can help

Remind Translate

For teachers

Instantly translate your messages into one of more than 70 languages before sending. This works best for classes with families who speak the same language or for outreach to smaller groups and individuals.

All you need to do is compose your message the same way you always do—then tap the Translate icon to show the available languages.

For students and parents

Students and parents can use the Remind mobile app in one of six languages: English (US), Spanish, French, simplified Chinese, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), and English (UK). If their smartphone is set to one of these languages, the app’s interface will automatically be translated.

Families also have the option of translating messages into the selected language. When they receive a message in a different language, tapping “See translation” will reveal the translation. Students and parents can see both your original message and the translation to understand its context and learn vocabulary.


Download a prewritten letter in Spanish that you can send to parents to let them know you’re using Remind.

Need instructions in other languages for signing up for Remind? Log in and download PDFs in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

My district uses robocalls to make some announcements, and in many cases, a robocall will set off a wave of confused calls from Spanish-speaking parents, asking me what the call said. Then I realized that I can send out a Remind message right after a robocall with a quick note on what the call said, and with a single stroke I can keep all of them informed and avoid the need for all those individual, confused calls.

Anabell Gonzalez
Teacher in 100% ELL class (North Carolina)