Translate for English Learners and Their Families

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Teachers have asked for effective tools to reach the growing numbers of English language learners. While nothing replaces the dedicated support of a native speaker, we’ve built Remind Translate at the request of teachers eager to make education accessible for more students and families.

In many cases, a robocall set off a wave of confused calls from Spanish-speaking parents, asking me what it said. Then I realized that I can send out a Remind message with a quick note...I can keep all of them informed and avoid the need for all those individual, confused calls.

Anabel Gonzalez
On using Remind with her ELL class (North Carolina)

Reach students and parents with Translate:

  • Reach your community directly:

    More than 90% of all American adults own cell phones. High ELL populations, such as minority groups or low-income households, are also particularly dependent on smartphones for internet access.*

  • Teachers can translate messages with the tap of a button:

    Compose your message in English and translate it into one of 70+ languages before you send. Messages can be received on any device—including texting-only cell phones.

  • And so can families:

    Families who use the mobile app in one of our six supported languages can see both your original message and its translation in their selected language.

Community tips for Remind Translate:

  • Create an extra class for ELL students or families to supplement regular school communication.

  • Attach helpful graphics or longer documents to supplement your messages.

  • If families have smartphones, instruct students to assist their parents in downloading the app.

* Pew Research Center. (2014). Cell Phone and Smartphone Ownership Demographics. Retrieved from