Using Remind Schoolwide

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Over 80% of the teachers who use Remind say that the product has positively impacted teaching and learning in their classrooms—and administrators have used Remind to change the way they communicate with their school communities, too.

Read on for ways to use Remind in your school. If you’re a school leader, learn about the new features for schoolwide communication here.

Direct, Reliable Messaging When You Need It

Remind messages can be received by text, app, email, or web—no smartphones necessary. And whether you’re sending routine updates or urgent news, you can check delivery receipts to make sure that your messages are going where they need to be.

Remind is free to use for teachers, students, and parents. Standard text messaging rates apply to text notifications,* but there are no additional costs. In other words, getting a Remind message is just like getting a message from a friend.

*SMS is only available in the US and Canada.

Flexible Features That Fit Your School

Personalize communication with messages to individuals, your entire staff, or even the whole school. Choose from broadcasting news and updates with one-way messages or engaging with your community in two-way conversations.

You can also manage conversations with a variety of controls. Set office hours to show your community the best time to reach you, and turn off replies when your conversations end. We work closely with our community to keep Remind safe, so you can use our reporting tools if someone violates our Community Guidelines.

Built For Schools

Remind saves all communication to user accounts. This record can’t be edited or deleted within an account, so teachers, students, and parents can access a complete message history at any time—great for communication logs and general audit requests.

With features for schoolwide communication, verified administrators can support safe communication by joining staff classes or requesting access to message history when teachers join their schools on Remind.

Personal Information That Stays Private

Personal phone numbers are never connected to Remind messages.

Students and parents don’t see educator phone numbers, and educators don’t see student and parent phone numbers, either.

Remind takes data privacy very seriously. Personal data is never shared or sold, and we use standard encryption methods like SSL to protect user information. Remind is also COPPA-compliant, which means that we include safeguards to help protect children under 13.

The following documents include more information about privacy and security at Remind.

Getting Started

All you need to get started on Remind is an email address. If you’re at a Google school, we recommend using Google Connect to set up accounts with your school domain.

From there, it’s just 3 easy steps to simple school communication: signing up for Remind, inviting participants to join your classes, and sending your first message!