Reducing Absenteeism and Chronic Tardiness

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Educators use remind to send simple, quick and free “nudges” to at-risk students. Their results are impressive: many report double-digit improvements in attendance and timeliness via this free, simple intervention.

How Remind Can Help

Set up an “alarm clock class” or two—and ask the students who often come late to join. You can then schedule reminders to go to them each morning to get them up and out of bed.

If there is a population of students often missing on the same day, consider making them their own class and sending them motivational texts Thursday night and Friday morning.

Gain allies at home! Invite students’ parents to join classes too, and use Chat keep them in the loop when their student is late or absent.

When you have a big event coming up, use Remind’s scheduling feature to drive attendance: set up messages to go out automatically 3 days before, one day before, and the day of!

I hope that when they see the reminder, they remember the conversations we’ve had and the goals we’ve set and they act on it. With some kids you really have to go day by day. Let’s focus on getting up on Monday. Then getting through Wednesday and then heading into the weekend.

Jeffrey Davis
Attendance Specialist, Hoffman Estates HS Jeffrey’s Remind story