Helping Students With Learning Differences or Disabilities

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Accommodate, motivate, and meet students where they are. Use Remind to support students with learning differences.

How Remind can help

Introduce Remind in IEP and parent discussions at the beginning of the year to help families sign up.

Send direct messages to connect with families about a child’s individual needs and progress.

Set office hours to create a designated space for parents to communicate with you.

Send positive messages to celebrate student student progress with their families.

I have had positive feedback from parents and students alike. Students who have processing and memory difficulties have been the most grateful for the reminders. Having a physical reminder on their phones has helped them stay more organized. I had all of the 9th graders with reading/writing accommodation on their IEPs, and a dozen or so with 504 plans, and they definitely found it helpful with organization and time management. Parents have felt more “in tune” with what’s going on in class, particularly when their students aren’t always forthcoming about tests and due dates. I already scheduled several texts to go out over the summer, reminding them about summer reading.

Jessica Connell
Special Needs Teacher