Guide to Becoming a Connected Campus

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What is a Connected Campus?

Better communication leads to stronger school communities. Help the stakeholders in your community make a deeper impact by using Remind schoolwide.

  1. Find other Remind champions at your school
  2. Tell your Remind story
  3. Share Remind with colleagues
  4. Set goals for making an impact
  5. Measure your school’s progress

Find other Remind champions at your school

Chances are, you’re not the only person in your school using Remind. Connect with others who value reaching out to parents and students where they are.

  • Find other educators who use Remind. Talk with your friends, send an email to staff, ask around at a staff meeting, or check in with team leads about how teachers communicate with students and parents.

  • Talk to your athletic director, counselor, and/or special education teacher to see if they’ve tried Remind or want to see how it could help them in their work.

  • Present at a staff meeting or PD day. Demo Remind, show how it’s made an impact, and recruit everyone’s help to share it with the rest of the staff.

  • See if your principal is interested in trying Remind schoolwide. The new features for schools automatically create a staff class and help administrators add teachers to your school.

  • Host a CoffeeEDU—on Remind

Tell your Remind story

Why do you use Remind? Think of a compelling story from your own experience about how Remind has helped teaching and learning.

  • How have you used Remind? In what contexts? For what purposes?

  • How have students and parents responded?

  • Which features do you use the most? Which features might other teachers find helpful?

  • How has using Remind made an impact? Did homework turn-in rates improve, or did you observe another change?

  • What could happen if your school’s entire staff began using Remind to connect with students, parents, and one another?

Stories we often hear…

From teachers

  • “It helps students stay organized.”
  • “It’s a life-saver when I forget to tell students their homework!”
  • “My parents love feeling like they’re right there in the classroom with us.”
  • “Students and parents can reach me when I’m available, and office hours help me politely set boundaries when I’m with my family.”

From school leaders

  • “I can reach all my parents and teachers at the same time so everyone’s in the loop.”
  • “Remind allows me to be proactive in my communication with parents to prevent problems before they start.”
  • “I replaced my time-consuming weekly newsletters with Remind messages so staff members have the information they need when they’re ready to hear it.”

Share Remind with colleagues

Decide what forum would work best for sharing Remind. For example, do you have weekly staff meetings when a Remind presentation would be helpful? Do department leads share tools with their teams?

Ways to share Remind with your colleagues:

  1. Use our PD presentation to demonstrate how Remind works and share examples of how other educators use Remind

  2. Host an after-school workshop, a lunch & learn, or a CoffeeEDU to train others, share best practices, or brainstorm new uses.

  3. Ask department leads to create a Remind class for their teams and model how to use the tool for PD resource sharing.

  4. Share resources like Using Remind Schoolwide and videos of other Remind users in different roles.

Set goals for making an impact with Remind

Once school leaders and staff feel comfortable using Remind, help them deepen their impact. How can sending quick, simple messages strengthen school culture, decrease absentee rates, and engage families?

Guiding questions for goal-setting

  • What challenges does your school face?

  • What kinds of messages can you send to address those challenges?

  • What kinds of measurable goals can you set around these challenges?

Measure your school’s progress

Collect feedback before and after implementing Remind to track your school’s progress.

  • Invite other teachers to join your class and provide feedback.

  • Use Remind’s features for schools to measure communication.

  • Conduct a parent, student, and teacher survey both pre- and post-term. (Contact us! We have sample surveys from other schools that you can use.)

  • Compile your findings and feedback.

  • Share progress with your community—using Remind!