3 Steps to Get Started

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Remind is a free communication tool that lets teachers reach students and parents on any device, including by text. No more emails that go unread or printed newsletters that get crumpled and lost!

Teachers log in online or on the mobile app to send messages to students and parents via text, email, or push notification...all without revealing their personal phone numbers.

01 / Create an account

Creating an account only takes 30 seconds— all you need is an email address. Once that’s done, you can link to your school and create classes on Remind.

Linking to a school helps you find and connect with colleagues at your school who are using Remind. It also makes it easier for students and parents to find and join your classes.

Create a Remind class for each group you’d like to message. For example, you can create individual classes for different periods, subjects, clubs, parent groups, and more.

02 / Add students and parents

As students and parents join your class, their names will instantly appear in your participant list.

Send invitations to students and parents

You can send invitations to email addresses, cell phone numbers, or any combination of the two. You can even copy and paste contact information from a spreadsheet. Once students and parents receive the invite, all they need to do is follow the instructions—no class code necessary!

Tell your participants in class

Students and parents can join by texting the class code to the phone number 810-10 (for US residents only). 810-10 is the same for everyone, but the class code (like @math101) is unique to each class. Students and parents don’t need smartphones, just any phone that can receive text messages.

03 / Start sending messages!

Now, you can send announcements to all the participants in your class. Here are a few ideas for class announcements.

  • Send reminders or updates about upcoming meetings, events, and activities
  • Send assignment information to help students and parents stay organized
  • Let parents know what students are learning in class
  • Share photos, links, or other files to promote learning at home

You can send messages to individuals or small groups of up to 10 participants. Set your office hours to show students and parents the best times to reach you, and disable replies when a conversation comes to an end.

Why send a message? Here are a few reasons.

  • Keep absent students in the loop
  • Help with questions about homework or class material
  • Differentiate instruction for individual students or smaller groups
  • Celebrate student wins with their parents