How Remind Helps Schools Comply With FERPA

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Core to Remind is the trust and safety of our community, which we strive to maintain with a first-class product experience and industry-leading data security practices. Remind has been certified by the independent certification organizations, iKeepSafe, for FERPA compliance.

We often receive questions from administrators and teachers about Remind and FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA is a federal law that regulates schools to protect the privacy of student education records. These records may include information about students that is unique to that student, like contact information or grades, (personally identifiable information) that is maintained by a school or a third party acting on behalf of the school. Remind helps schools comply with FERPA. Here’s how:

FERPA gives parents certain rights relating to their child’s student education records. For example, subject to certain exceptions, a school needs written permission from the parent to release any information from a student’s education record. One exception allows a school to provide education records to a person or party that’s been determined to have a legitimate educational interest in the information (a “school official”).

Most schools that work with Remind and other education services rely on the school official exception to share information so that Remind may provide communication services to the school. FERPA requires the school to assess whether a school official can access education records, including whether the person or party is under the direct control of the school with respect to these records.

Teachers have full control over their information on Remind, and Remind helps school administrators with the process. Verified administrators of a school on Remind gain basic statistics about usage as well as a simple way to encourage positive communication at the staff, classroom, school group, and school levels. Specifically, administrators can use Remind for:

Direct, reliable messaging when they need it

Admins can reach their schools instantly on any device.

School communication in one place

Admins can manage their school lists and access school-wide stats.

Flexible features built for schools

Admins can choose 1- or 2-way messaging and send real-time updates to their schools.

Learn more about practices around the collection, use, and storage of user information on Remind here. Our approach to the privacy and security of personal information is guided by three principles:

  • Control

    Our users, including school administrators, own their data and control their experiences.

  • Transparency

    We work hard to protect user information and invest in auditing, improving, and sharing our practices.

  • Safety

    We believe online safety is a shared responsibility, and we actively collaborate with our community to keep the Remind experience safe.

For more information, please visit our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Community guidelines, or FAQ. If you have any other questions about Remind and FERPA or our privacy and security practices, please contact us at