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Bullying Prevention Policy

Bullying is a significant problem that many students face. It can include malicious words, rumors, threats of violence, or exclusion from groups or activities, and it can cause real harm.

Remind connects communities to help give students the opportunity to succeed, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, and abuse. Anything that prevents or inhibits constructive communication is not permitted.

We’ve outlined our policies and practices here to help guide our users when they see or experience bullying on Remind.

Users control their experience on Remind.

Anyone can choose to leave a class, leave a conversation, or stop receiving messages at any time.

Safety is a shared responsibility.

Everyone in our community is responsible for doing whatever they can to stop bullying. Remind is designed to make it easy for anyone who witnesses bullying to take action.

Report messages that include bullying, abusive language, or harassment . Our team may ban reported users from sending messages on Remind. We may also delete the accounts of anyone who participates in bullying or other harmful behaviors.

Be aware of relevant contexts. What may appear to be an innocent comment could be abuse, so your involvement helps keep students safe.

We encourage users to proactively report bullying and harassment if they see it happening on Remind. This helps reduce the regularity, severity, and intensity of any communication that interferes with student learning and engagement.

It may be impossible to monitor every classroom or cafeteria, but working together gives us a better opportunity to stop harmful behavior.

Verified administrators can see school communication.

Administrators play a crucial role in protecting school communities. Verified administrators on Remind can request to see any message sent by a user connected to their school or organization—additional oversight that diminishes the likelihood of bullying, harassment, or abuse.

Every message sent on Remind is recorded unless we’re required by law to delete the information. Even when a user deletes their account, the recipients of their messages have a downloadable history of their conversations. This message history allows us to help teachers and administrators identify when bullying, abuse, or harassment occurs on Remind.

Bullying is harmful, but you can help.

By working together to keep the Remind community safe, we can give every student an opportunity to succeed. We ask all of our users to intervene and stop bullying when they see it. The harm caused by bullying is real, and it can lead to decreased engagement, depression, and worse.

Seek help if you need it.

If you’re a victim of bullying or worried about being a danger to yourself or others, please use the following resources to seek help.