Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
August 6, 2020
 • By 
Brian Grey

What 81010 Day means to us this year


To our community:

Today is August 10, or 81010 Day: the day we usually celebrate back-to-school at Remind. It’s named for 81010, the Remind short code, which lets students and parents sign up for classroom communication with their teachers by sending a single, simple text message.

For the past few years, this five-digit number has been at the heart of our annual celebration. From the very beginning, Remind has existed as a way to help every student succeed with the support of the people around them, and 81010 meant recognizing how texting makes meaningful communication possible—and celebrating the impact that you’ve made through these connections.

This year, 81010 means something different. For administrators, it’s confirming that families in their community are still in contact and engaged. For teachers, it’s connecting with their classes and colleagues, no matter where they are. For students and parents, it’s access not only to learning materials and resources, but to all the other school services that they might rely on, from meals to technology.

We’re facing one of the most challenging school years in recent history, with uncertainty around everything from start dates to safety measures. In these circumstances, communication is more critical than ever before. The best any of us can do is stay connected, so keep those lifelines open. Check in with students, parents, and educators. Keep supporting each other in whatever ways you can—as you have since March, when school closures first began.

81010 Day this year may not be accompanied by the same fanfare as it has in the past, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do for your students and families—all the time, but now more than ever. Your resilience is an inspiration to me and everyone at Remind, and you have our commitment to keep working to make sure every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Best wishes from all of us at Remind,

Brian Grey

CEO, Remind