Represent Remind

Represent Remind

One perk of being a Remind Connected Educator (RCE) is representing Remind online and at events. Here’s how to spread the word—and get swag. Click here to learn more about becoming an RCE.

Represent Remind online

Download the official RCE badge and resize it however you’d like. Add it to your classroom door, email signature, and everything in between.

Win swag

Remind does monthly giveaway contests exclusively for RCEs. Join our Facebook group, connect with other educators, and stay tuned for the next opportunity to win.

Lead a Professional Development

Sharing Remind at a Professional Development in your school or district? We have a beautifully designed slideshow, handouts, and tips ready to go here.

Present at a Conference or Edcamp

Remind ♥s conferences and edcamps, and we do our best to support speakers and hosts by providing swag. Please follow these steps to submit a request:

(1) Create a support ticket here

(2) Select Conferences/Edcamps from the drop-down menu

(3) Enter your email address

(4) Summary of request: indicate whether your event is a conference or edcamp.
Example: Edcamp in Austin, TX

(5) Description: paste a link to the conference or edcamp website.

(6) Event date: enter the date the event starts.
Example: October 1, 2017

(7) Mailing address: we’ll ship swag to this addressdon’t forget your zip code!
Example: 81010 Remind St. San Francisco, CA 94444

(8) Attachments: if you’re submitting a request for a conference, please attach a screenshot that confirms you’re speaking or hosting a session.

(9) Submit
We’ll email you within one week to confirm whether we can accommodate your request.

Note: Remind is only able to ship swag within the United States.