Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
Remind is now part of the ParentSquare family! See the announcement for details
January 18, 2018
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Wrapping up the semester with RCEs


Last month, we partnered with five Remind Connected Educators to celebrate the end of the semester—with coffee and donuts! Learn more about how these RCEs used Remind to bring their school communities together.

Bringing educators together

Genelle Fernández's community event began with snow—a first in 30 years for the Eagle Pass Early Childhood Center in South Texas. Staff had a late start, giving Genelle extra time to prep coffee, donuts, pan dulce, and a big pot of Mexican hot chocolate for her colleagues. “Everyone enjoyed having a sweet treat to start off the day,” Genelle says. “It also gave them an opportunity to ask questions about using Remind.” After the event, a few colleagues stopped by Genelle's classroom to get help setting up accounts.

“I was so happy I could help them—especially because I truly love Remind.”

Karie Frauenhoffer built a buzz leading up to her event at Southeast Middle School by sending out reminders, which included stats (80% of her school staff uses Remind!) and tips, like using a Google Chrome extension for emojis to spice up her messages. The morning of the breakfast, Karie facilitated a conversation about getting more parents signed up on Remind, which she does by including a sign-up link in her weekly parent email updates.

“Overall, this event was a huge success.”

Stacy Szabo was thrilled to share Flyboy donuts (a Sioux Falls speciality), coffee, and Remind swag with her colleagues at Cleveland Elementary School. Several people had already used Remind, so they were able to share their favorite features—including the ability to translate messages—with their colleagues.

“I appreciated having a fun way to share how Remind has transformed communication in my classroom."

Sarah Luthy had teachers at North Central High School lined up at her door waiting to discuss meaningful classroom communication. “I was so busy answering questions that I almost forgot to take pictures,” she says. Gillian Moore had an equally great experience at North Lincoln High School.

“I received nothing but compliments and thank-yous."

Photos from the events

Left to right from top: (1) Genelle snaps a selfie with her colleagues. (2) Stacy partnered with Remind to purchase these Flyboy donuts for her colleagues. (3) Karie created this invitation for her event. (4) Sarah spread out swag for her colleagues to enjoy. (5) Gillian's colleagues grab treats while she demos Remind on the projector.

Interested in hosting an event like this at your school?

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